Leadership Team

“Any time we have any needs at all we can call someone at Southco and it doesn’t matter who you call they will get it to the right person to get it done. It’s amazing how on top of it they are.”

The leadership team at Southco has over 100 years combined experience in this industry. You will find them in the warehouse double checking orders, at a customer’s store or on the phone tracking deliveries- always doing whatever they can to ensure their customers’ success.

Leadership Team

Sherwin Herring, CEO
Phone Ext 302
Sonny Wooten, President
Phone Ext 303
Chris Wise, VP – CFO
Phone Ext 318
April Garver, Executive VP
Phone Ext 327

Other Contacts

General Manager:
Buddy Davis
Phone Ext. 306


Warehouse Manager:
Dwight Stephens
Phone Ext. 330


Marketing Director:
Blount Craft
Phone Ext. 343

Executive VP of Sales:
Mel Fairchild
Phone Ext. 336


Transportation Director:
Kevin Best
Phone Ext. 333


MIS Director:
Tammy Stokes
Phone Ext. 310


Operations Manager:
Kevin Herring
Phone Ext. 330

Purch./Inv. Control Manager:
Scott Andraka
Phone Ext. 392


Director of Corp. Programs:
Wendy Whitfield
Phone Ext. 304


Human Resources Director:
Gerald Jones
Phone Ext. 315

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